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Did you know that over 50% of businesses in Africa fail within their first 3 years? At TGL Labs, we are committed to changing that statistic. We understand the common challenges faced by African businesses, including poor cash flow and finance management, leadership and talent challenges, defective internal operations, inadequate strategy and planning, poor customer focus, sales, and marketing.

Our expertise is dedicated to addressing a wide range of business challenges, with a focus on strategy development. We offer solutions in the following areas:

  • Customer Engagement: Enhancing your interactions with customers to drive satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Operations & Process Improvement: Streamlining your operations and processes for greater efficiency and productivity. Product & Marketing: Develop strategies to optimize your product offerings and marketing efforts.

  • Technology: Harnessing the power of technology to drive innovation and digital transformation.

  • Culture & Performance: Creating a high-performance culture that aligns with your strategic objectives.

Unlock Your Strategy: Solving Business Challenges

Our team consists of experts who are seasoned professionals actively working in their respective fields. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Robust Network: Our extensive network spans across markets, providing diverse perspectives and industry insights.

  • Wide-Ranging Skills & Expertise: We offer a broad range of skills and expertise to tackle various project requirements.

  • Matched by Industry Experience: Our experts have relevant industry experience, ensuring practical and relevant solutions.

  • Client Coaching & Mentoring: We guide and coach our clients, empowering them to take ownership of their projects.

  • Focus on Practical Results: Our approach prioritizes practical and simple solutions that deliver tangible outcomes.

  • Mentoring for Client Teams: We provide mentoring support to client teams, fostering their professional growth and development.

Crowdsourced Expertise: In-Practice Professionals for Your Project

Unlock the full potential of your leaders and team members with TGL Labs' transformative coaching service, that includes:

  • Comprehensive coaching service designed to develop leaders and team members

  • Personalized coaching sessions to identify strengths, growth opportunities, and areas for improvement

  • Fosters a supportive and growth-oriented environment

  • Encourages critical thinking and challenges conventional norms

  • Nurtures creativity and fosters a culture of curiosity

  • Enhances decision-making, communication, and strategic thinking skills

  • Provides valuable feedback and actionable insights for leadership refinement

  • Extends coaching service to team members for cohesive and high-performing teams

  • Fosters collaboration, effective communication, and shared purpose

  • Empowers individuals to navigate complex challenges and drive positive change

  • Catalysts for innovation and fosters a culture of growth and success

Coaching Service: Developing Leaders and Team Members


Didn't find the answer?

  • What is TGL Labs?
    TGL Labs is a business consulting company dedicated to supporting growing businesses to thrive through developing their people, optimising their business operations and driving excellent execution. TGL Labs was founded in February 2023 by Elizabeth Okonji (FCIPD, Ph.D.) and the company specializes in driving people and culture transformations for companies.
  • What areas of expertise does TGL Labs cover?
    TGL Labs has focused expertise in a wide range of subject areas, including: Strategy, planning, and organizational design Product management Marketing Business operations optimization People, culture, and leadership development Financial management
  • What services does TGL Labs offer to business clients?
    TGL Labs offers the following services to business clients: Business Consulting & Support: Diagnosis, advisory, and strategy development to address specific challenges and drive growth. Expert Team Deployment & Development: Assembling and leading a dream team of experts to support and guide businesses in achieving their objectives.
  • Can TGL Labs tailor their services to my specific needs?
    Yes, TGL Labs strives to provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of their clients. Whether you are a business seeking advisory services, an individual looking for career development support, or someone interested only in accessing their public resources, TGL Labs can customize their offerings to suit your requirements.
  • What services does TGL Labs offer to individuals?
    TGL Labs offers the following services to individuals: Individual Career Development: Coaching, mentoring, and vocational skills training to enhance personal growth and career progression. Leadership Development: Utilising several intervention techniques to empower individuals to enhance their capabilities to become effective leaders.
  • What services does TGL Labs offer to the general public?
    TGL Labs provides the following services to the general public: Content, Forums & Tools: Community-driven content, research, and expert forums to share knowledge and insights. Community, Affiliates & Sponsors: Connecting individuals with like-minded peers and industry affiliates for networking and collaboration opportunities.

We deliver strategies aimed at optimizing your most valuable asset: your people. Our services include:

  • Organization Design: Designing organizational structures that maximize effectiveness and collaboration.

  • Recruitment: Attracting top talent through strategic recruitment approaches.

  • Coaching & Leadership Development: Empowering leaders with the skills and mindset to drive success.

  • Talent Development & Retention: Nurturing and retaining key talent through targeted development programs.

  • Performance & Career Management: Implementing systems to enhance performance and foster career growth.

  • Employee Experience: Creating a positive and engaging workplace environment to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.

Optimize Your People: Empowering Your Human Capital

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